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Hybrid Genesis;

Creative Digital Art Resource

Hybrid Genesis Community
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Creative Digital Art Resource
This is a community made for Hybrid Genesis. I will be posting my art resources in this journal from now on, instead of my personal journal, inxsomniax.

All materials such as brushes, textures, patterns, illustrations were all created with love by myself in Adobe Photoshop. I don't use any other pre-made resources from other places. Everything I make is originally created from scratch by using the creative tools that Adobe Photoshop offers.

If you use any of my work, credit is probably a must, though I'm really not worried about it as long as you don't post something of mine and claim it as your own creation. I share my work because I love to share what I have and can do. I don't demand anything back other than respect of my hard work.

If you are interested in anything concerning the site, please watch this community. All updates for the site will be announced here. Everything I need to send out to the public concerning the site and my work will be posted here.

Thank you for your support, as always!

Yours truly,

Thia a.k.a inxsomniax
http://hybrid-genesis.com |

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