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TEXTURES [Jun. 11th, 2012|03:20 am]
Hybrid Genesis Community

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1x Large Texture Set
1x Icon Texture Set
1x HGX Texture Set


MORE....................Collapse )

All the best, everyone. As always, Comments are much appreciated, Credit by linking back to hybrid-genesis.com is necessary and much appreciated! Thank you!!!

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3 Pattern Sets & HGX goodies! [Jun. 5th, 2012|02:31 am]
Hybrid Genesis Community


New goodies uploaded! *yay* 
For my lovely HGX members who've been waiting for some HGX resources, I have uploaded new stuff for you. Please go to the site and login to get them!

Download this set

More and more here....Collapse )

:: CREDIT by linking back to hybrid-genesis.com is much appreciated! ::
:: COMMENT if you download so I know roughly how many people still using my stuff, thank you so much!! ::
:: LIKE my FB page and you might receive special giveaway!! ::
:: Follow me on Twitter for my instant updates! ::

I hope you will enjoy the new resources!! Visit HG for more downloads! I don't always update this community due to lack of time. But if you enjoy what I do, please be kind and visit me from time to time.
Thank you so much, everyone!

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3 Icon Texture Sets [May. 10th, 2012|01:27 pm]
Hybrid Genesis Community


While watching the poll... I played around and managed to make 3 sets of icon textures for you.. as a thank you for taking the poll and responding to me. You guys are awesome!

To download go here :3 icontextures sets | 144 textures

If you want to get the large textures, let me know.. will include them on my next update! :) THANK YOU!!

Twitter | Facebook

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Looking for inspirations.... [May. 10th, 2012|12:41 am]
Hybrid Genesis Community


Hi everyone..

You know that I've been updating the site, yes? I'm trying to find more ideas for new things to share, so if you could please do the poll for me to let me know what interests you the most, that would be awesome! Please comment if you have suggestions, questions, etc. Would love to hear from you! Thank you!

Poll #1839259 What should I make and share more??

Which type of resources that you use most?


Which one of my resources that you like most?


Any suggestion for styles, etc?

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Hybrid Genesis is UPDATED!.. and a little rant. [Mar. 8th, 2012|04:12 am]
Hybrid Genesis Community

Hi all! Been a while! 
I'm just here to let you guys know that I just updated the site with some new textures.

Please visit the site to get the updates,  http://hybrid-genesis.com

And while I have you reading this now.. if you do use facebook, or twitter, PLEASE do follow me or my work through either of those since I do most of my 'instant' updates through there... I can't promise that I will always remember to update on this community since I don't hang around here too often these days. It's just too much work that takes so much of my time that I don't have to update around here. So please, please ..... you can either LIKE my FB page or... follow me on TWITTER - you will hear from me pretty much almost everyday, you'll be sick of me, really! :P:P 

I do hope that someone's still reading this?! I see over 1400 watchers, but I'm not sure if I'm not on your 'ignore' list. LOL. j/k.. 

I'm just half asleep and I need to say hello to you all.. and let you guys know that I'm alive, but maybe not really around here. LJ communities kinda disappointed me the last few times I updated.. they kept deleting my updates because I probably forgot ONE rule, i.e. not mentioning how many 'goodies' I share on the subject line! I tried asking why or what happened... but I was completely ignored.. so yeah, I'm just 'uncomfortable' to share anything around different communities on LJ.. some are still nice to talk to... but a lot are just.. plain rude. I've been around and sharing my work around LJ for almost 10 years but felt like I was treated like a complete noob! So I forgot.. since I took a long break from updating around here.. and I belong to many different comms... please excuse me for not being able to remember every single rule for every different community that I belong to.. Just an advice, click send a message and just say - "hey please change your subject line to ........ or it'll be deleted!"  Or if you don't like me updating on a certain community.. just tell me, and I'll stop and leave.. simple as that.. 

I do make the effort to come here and spend another hour of my sleep time to update.. yeah.. it's 4am and I haven't gone to bed yet...

I'm sorry that I had to write all that.. I'm not angry.. really, I'm not.. just kind of annoyed and sad :( *sniffs* 

Thank you for reading and visiting my site(s) I hope you still would enjoy my work!! Love you guys!

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More Patterns!! [Oct. 18th, 2011|10:23 am]
Hybrid Genesis Community

37 patterns in this set. Hope you like them!

Free Patterns 2011 Set_02

Thanks for watching and still enjoying my work! Your support means a lot!

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Photoshop Patterns [Oct. 14th, 2011|06:42 am]
Hybrid Genesis Community


A set of 11 PS Patterns for you to download - Large size (500x500px). Download from here. *** Please link back to hybrid-genesis.com if you ever use my resources, from now on. ***

Thank you!! <3 ~Thia
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PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES [Oct. 4th, 2011|10:04 pm]
Hybrid Genesis Community


Hello all, just a quick post letting you guys know, if you haven't been on my site lately, I posted 3 new sets of Photoshop Brushes!

1x Grunge brushes SET (XL.HQ. Photoshop brushes + .jpg stamps included)
2x Watercolor brushes SET (XL.HQ. Photoshop brushes + .jpg stamps included)

PLEASE visit the site HYBRID GENESIS to grab them.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Please do leave me a comment or two to tell me if they're good or not.. I do hope you'll enjoy them!


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Techy Photoshop Brushes [Sep. 24th, 2011|09:21 am]
Hybrid Genesis Community

*waves* Hello all... I finally brought the site back up and re-uploaded almost all of the old contents/freebies onto the site. You can start downloading again if you've missed some things. Just keep in mind that the new format of the site is slightly different from before - now you can search for the goodies through tags or categories that you can see on the sidebar. I'm using a blog format at the moment since it was the quickest way to bring it all back up and to start sharing again.

With that being said, here's a new photoshop brush set that I created last year, but never got to share it with you.. Hope you'll like them!

1 Set of 25 Techy design brushes for Photoshop.

Download info here on my site.

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Deleting and reuploading HG [Sep. 16th, 2011|12:56 pm]
Hybrid Genesis Community

Hi all *waves* wow, it's been AGES! I know I've been really bad when it comes to posting anything around LJ. I'm surprised if anyone is still reading this.... Anyways, I'm in the process of deleting all the files from my server so the links that I ever posted on here will be broken. I AM SO SORRY for that. But the website will be back up soon with all the contents in different directories... so don't worry, everything will be back up again for you.

I don't want to promise that it'll be completely done in a few days.. I have other projects to finish as well as taking care of my baby nephew everyday.. so yeah, I get so little time to do anything regarding my sites/work. I hope that you won't forget me and leave me.... HG is still alive and will be back SOON with many new things.

I created a Facebook page recently since I'm always on there, so I'll be posting updates on status over there. Here's the link to the page :

Like if you like my work : HG on FACEBOOK - I also post my photography stuff over there :o) Oh and it's connected to my Twitter as well.

Okay I better leave it at that... my nephew is crying beside me.. so I have to go.. Uh yeah, I'll post more updates very soon!!

I love you all, thank you SO MUCH for all your support all these years!!! You guys are amazing!!

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