Thia (inxsomniax) wrote in hgx,

Watercolor Brushes & Textures; HQ Scrapbook Textures & more

Hey guys, it's me updating the community with some recent uploads I've done in the past week or so... yep, yep! I've been on a roll creating and updating, so you all better head over to the site and bookmark the site so you don't miss any update from moi! Oh you can also subscribe for my updates through email, now! There's a sign up form on the very bottom of the site (I might change the spot later today... to somewhere in the beginning of the page...)





LOTS of new stuff for you to download on the site.. go go go :P And could you do me a huge favor and share my posts by tweeting or LIKE the page on facebook if you enjoy my work.. that would be so amazing if you could do that every now and then... thank you sooosoooooo much, everyone! *HUGS*

Tags: brushes, photoshop, resources; textures, website; hybrid_genesis


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